All of my Life, in Every Season {Part 1}

This blog is primarily about my journey through breast cancer, but today on Mother’s Day, I feel led to share another difficult season that the Lord brought us through:  infertility.  I will share several posts about our season of infertility and what God taught me during our time in the waiting room.  I believe even then, the Lord was preparing my heart and fortifying my faith to enable me to face cancer with Joy.  In His’s all His grace.   I pray this will encourage someone who’s in a waiting room of any kind…. infertility, singleness, or waiting to be healed.  His grace abounds….in every season.    I appreciate your prayers as I approach my first chemo treatment this Wednesday. 

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Ephesians 3:20…many years I wondered if I would ever have ONE child; let alone THREE!

My personal journey in the Lord began years ago, as I sensed God pursuing my heart, although for many of those years my feet were stuck. Stuck in the quicksand of my pride, fears, and lies of the enemy, For years I chose to stand still although I sensed the Lord’s pursuit.  In December of 2006 I fully surrendered my life to Jesus and made my first decided footstep along the journey to follow Him with heart abandoned. I’m so thankful for God’s pursuit. That He didn’t give up on me.

Within my relatively short journey of faith, with this beautiful destination of Jesus always ahead, the Lord has graciously allowed for circumstances to NOT always be perfectly beautiful and sunny.  Did you know that the trials are actually His grace?  How can I say that? Keep reading, you’ll understand….

For three years, God took me through a season of infertility-a time of unfulfilled longing and heartache. I deeply desired a child, but my arms remained empty.  During that season, I often felt like I was in a waiting room – watching as everyone around me was called back, their life was moving on, mine was STUCK. When it would be MY turn? After a couple of years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, multiple tests and month after month after month of disappointment, we were given a very slim chance of ever conceiving on our own. My husband and I were urged by physicians to seek fertility treatments. We did not move forward with this lightly…we prayed and sought the Lord, and after 8 months we moved forward with the treatments in peace and faith.

In November of 2009, we got the best news– finally, after all of the waiting I was pregnant! A few weeks later at my first ultrasound, there was not one baby, but two! TWINS! A double portion! Scribbled verses of “Great is Thy Faithfulness were all over my prayer journal pages from those days.


Psalm 30:11 reads “You have turned my mourning into dancing and clothed me with gladness”. Oh how I sat in the joy of that news for months. And life continued, as it does….my season shifted from the wondering and waiting of infertility, to a twin pregnancy, where my belly got bigger than I ever thought possible; morning sickness, doctor’s appointments, baby showers and planning a double nursery.



In June of 2010, we joyfully welcomed 4 pound premature miracle blessings that we named Samuel & Selah. There was another season shift; from pregnancy and anticipation, to the new season of life with twin babies at home-sleepless nights (times two), endless feedings, and sitting in the joy that I was finally..finally a mother.



As you can imagine, life with two little ones was quite full, and there was never a dull moment. Just before Samuel & Selah’s first birthday, just as my husband and I were just about to take a deep breath, give each other a high five that “we made it!” “we survived our first year with twins!”, we got the surprise of our lives!…we were pregnant… again! And this time totally unexpectedly! I never thought we’d be the couple to have a surprise pregnancy , this wasn’t “supposed” to be possible!


I was about 4 weeks pregnant here, as we celebrated Samuel & Selah’s 1st birthday. And I was TERRIFIED!!

After the shock wore off, our season shifted back…..back into pregnancy, this time struggling through morning sickness while changing diapers, teaching my twin toddlers to be gentle with mommy’s expanding belly, and a whole lot of laying down my fears and anxiety to the Lord.

My days were already daunting with one year old twins, and adding another baby to the mix, I just knew it was going to HAVE to be the Lord in me to manage the blessing of three little ones so close together. Three babies within 19 months?!   It was an unlikely combination of overwhelming gratitude, and an absolute knowledge that I COULD NOT do this on my own.

We welcomed our third child, Hannah into our family in February of 2012. Her name means “God’s favor” and she is a constant reminder that God so often pours out His favor when we least expect it. The Lord ushered in a new season; the beautiful chaos of life with three little ones at home.

IMG_4740        IMG_1108

The seemingly long season of infertility seems to be just a thing of the past. Great is Your faithfulness LORD! In His grace and abundance, God answered my prayers. Psalm 113:9 says “He gives the childless woman a family , making her a happy mother”.

But the story doesn’t always end this way does it?

What if I was still in the waiting room, still waiting for a baby? He is still faithful. It took me a long time to understand this, and it was during my years in the waiting room season that God changed my perspective on what it means for God to be faithful.

God is faithful not because of what He DOES, but because of WHO He is.

The Lord has written such a story of redemption in our family — taking me, an infertile woman and making me the joyful mother of three…THREE children. However, I believe the greater story is the invisible FAITH work that He did in my heart. For three years it seemed like my life was on pause. But during this time, I was still journeying forward inwardly, in my faith the Lord used this time to wash His truth over me and plant it deeply in my heart.

The time of waiting held so much significance, because it forced me to BE STILL.

I needed to be still to be teachable. I am an on-the-go person. My entire life, I’ve always moved from one season to the next, then to the next, multi tasking as I go, looking ahead, anticipating the next stage while planning and preparing for it, all while trying to be the best I can be at the stage I’m currently in. For the first time in my life, the Lord pulled up the emergency break, sat down with me, and after a long long time of wrestling with Him, I finally surrendered to the wait.

The visual analogy changed from a cold, sterile waiting room that I could not WAIT to get out of… to the beautiful image of sitting at the feet of Jesus, with Him teaching me, comforting me, covering me with His truth and promises. He had to STILL me to TEACH me. To get these truths so deeply planted in my heart that when life “picked back up again” they would not be snatched up and forgotten by life in quickly changing seasons.

You’ve just heard my infertility story, which has a happy ending…but woven into the years during that season,, there were moments of heartache even during the sweet communion with Jesus. Journey back with me, to the very middle of my time in the desert season, when my heart was still very tender and raw.

From the spring of 2009 I wrote:

“”Another month, another negative test. I am sad and confused. I was so hopeful this month. I’m just devastated. The more I hope, the more I am crushed when the test reads negative. But Lord, I trust you are still in control, as hard as that is to understand right now. You are still good. It seems like we have been in this season of waiting for so long. Oh Lord will it ever end? Will we EVER get pregnant? Oh how I ache for a child.” I know that you are good, but Lord, my arms have been painfully empty for an eternity it seems.

During my time at His feet, the Lord impressed on me the importance of chronicling the journey. If this life of faith is a sacred pilgrimage, isn’t it worth recording? These journals were and still are such a blessing to me.

They are a physical representation of our desert season of infertility. I would journal scriptures, prayers, and there were many times when I would put headphones on, listen to worship music, cry and just pour our my heart to God. I used my prayer journals to get real with God, and get real with myself. I needed to have a place to feel completely vulnerable before myself and God. As I would write, the Lord would rein in my emotions and would always lead me to just the right scripture to remind and reveal who He was.

Not only was journalling therapeutic, but even now it helps me to REMEMBER. All throughout scripture, we are told about the importance of remembering what God has done in the past, to help us have faith for the future. And it’s not only for us, but for our legacy.

I remember having an especially sweet quiet time on the beach in Hilton Head in the summer of 2009 when the Lord led me straight to Psalm 78. Psalm 78:4-7 says “ but tell the coming generation the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might, and the wonders he has done. He established a testimony in Jacob, and appointed a law in Israel, which he commanded our fathers to teach their children, so that the next generation might know them, the children yet unborn, so that they should set their hope in God and not forget the works of God.”

The Lord speaks to me: record so you can REMEMBER. If this pilgrimage under heaven is sacred, isn’t it worth remembering? I can say without a doubt, NOTHING bolsters my faith in Him (other than Scripture itself) quite like flipping through the journals of days past. As I journey along, it’s not hard to remember the big moves of God – but His glory is evident in the small things of life as well, if we only look for it.  I don’t want to forget those. I want to recount bit by bit His glory to all who will listen – and especially my children – so they “should set their hope in God.”

Although when I first was led to this scripture, I had no children of my own yet. But I knew that even if I never was blessed with a pregnancy, that I could spiritually mother so many children…and even then the Lord could use my chronicled journey to tell of the awesome things that God had done – most importantly the faith work that He did in my heart.

check back for part 2 of “All of my Life, in Every Season”



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  2. Amy Myers says

    Thank you for sharing your story. What an inspiration to all of us who are in the “waiting room!”

  3. Dovie Turner says

    Love you and praying.

  4. Helen Johnson says

    Brooke, it was so good to see you today at graduation! You looked great! I love the new shorter do; you are beautiful with long hair, short hair, and you will be beautiful with no hair, not because of your pretty outward features, but because of your inner beauty. As I watched you this morning, and thought about this season you are in, I saw the joy of the Lord pouring out of you. Thanks for being an inspiration to me today as I watched you and as I read this blog. I will continue to pray for you and your family and will pray that our faithful Savior will be glorified over and over again through this journey He has you in. Thanks again for sharing Jesus and His joy! And…so glad sweet Hannah was in my class this year; she’s precious!