About the Couslings

Reagan is the oldest of the couslings, born in 2010. Reagan is our natural born leader, is very passionate about what she believes in, and has loads of determination. She keeps her scatterbrained mom straight a lot of the time! Reagan enjoys riding horses and reading.

Sam is the oldest Turner child – by two minutes! He is very athletic and also has strong leadership qualities. Sam is very patient and loves to be helpful. Samuel will be ten this summer, and loves mountain biking and playing sports.

Selah is Sam’s twin sister, and is our family designer. She has a flair for fashion, art, and above all Lauren Daigle. Selah is a natural encourager, and loves reading and journaling like her mama.

Lainey is the middle Fisher child and is currently in 2nd grade. She has a gentle and peaceful spirit, and is the ultimate peacemaker. Lainey loves all animals, especially horses, and has recently started taking horseback riding lessons.

Hannah is also in second grade and is the youngest of the three Turner children. She is the tiniest ninja warrior you will every see! She is very athletic and spunky with a silly personality. Hannah is also a great snuggler!

Max is the youngest of the Fisher family and all of the couslings. He’s the one that keeps us laughing! He may get into trouble once in a while, but Max has a very contrite spirit and is very kind and sensitive.