One Simple Question

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Joyful September!

Each year as I turn the calendar to September, a sense of NEWNESS fills my soul.  New routines. New teachers. Newly sharpened pencils in new book bags, with a renewed dedication to staying more organized THIS school year.

Soon (I pray), cooler breezes will greet us as we greet the day, and the fallen leaves will create a colorful blanket on the lawn.

Oh how I love Fall!

This blog, “His Grace Abounds” has been quiet recently, but is it not due to lack of activity; rather MUCH activity has been happening behind the scenes.  This fall also brings a new project ~ a redesigned blog that I plan to re-launch in early October! I’ve been working hard with an excellent blog designer who is helping me to renew and expand my blog.

As I prayed for direction, I sensed God speaking to me that He has led me into a NEW season; a season of redemption.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for how far God has brought me and my family: through a cancer diagnosis, cancer treatments, restored health, and now a new home and replanted ministry.  HALLELUJAH!

Yes, He has redeemed my life, and I feel so called to continue to write, to be used by God to plant His truth and hope in the lives of more women.

So, how can you help?

I am writing today with ONE SIMPLE QUESTION.

“What are you struggling with most today in your relationship with God?”

You can answer me in one of four ways:

  • comment directly to this post
  • comment on the Facebook post
  • send me a private Facebook message
  • email me directly at bturnersc at

Why am I asking this question?

My earnest prayer, and deepest desire is to serve you, my reader as I seek to follow God in using my words for Him.  By answering this question, you will help me to better serve you and the other readers in the type of content I offer.

I pray you sense God’s everyday renewal this September.  May your fall be full of His presence and many, many Pumpkin Spiced Lattes :)



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Please pray for the Eddings Family


I was so thankful I felt well enough to worship with my family today.

Shortly before I left for church, I received a text from my friend Courtney Tipping that another mutual friend, Brook Smoak’s brother & sister in law had gotten in a terrible car accident over the weekend. The brother and sis in law were banged up but ok, but unfortunately they tragically lost their 2 year old son.

“Hadley and Gentry?!?!” I wrote back?

Courtney didn’t know I knew her, but I grew up going to church with Hadley’s family, and got to know sweet Hadley as we sang in choir together at Spring Valley Baptist.  I remember when Hadley met Gentry (Brook’s brother) and they fell in love.

Hadley was 8 months pregnant and as a result of the accident had an emergency c-section to deliver baby Reed.  As of Sunday night, baby Reed is still in very critical condition.



Please pray for the Eddings family


I’m posting here because I’m begging all of you prayer warriors to lift this family up.  The depths of their suffering is unimaginable to me.  There are no words.  Please pray for Hadley & Gentry, and the entire Eddings and Reed families as they mourn the loss of little Dobbs.  Please pray for baby Reed and that God would touch his tiny body in a special way.

News story

I was thankful to make it to worship today with my family.  Tears were streaming through most of the worship, as each song touched my heart so deeply.

As I mentioned in my last post, this is a broken world we live in.  So much hurt. So much pain.

Our ONLY Hope is JESUS.  I’m so thankful this broken world is not all that there is.

I’m going to post one of the songs I worshipped to this morning.  This sums up where my Hope is. It’s where Gentry & Hadley’s hope is.   Make sure to watch the entire video…through the spoken word part that begins around minute 6:50.  This is who Jesus is to me, and who I pray He is to you.


If you cannot see the video in the browser click here for the video: Forever; Kari Jobe