Prayers to Date

December 14, 2016 (5:45 PM):

It’s been a day of twists and turns. The good news is there is no concern of “distant disease” (not in distant organs). There is one area that is inconclusive so I am repeating the PET scan on Saturday at 10am. Still waiting, more questions than answers … keep praying:

-proper diagnosis

-that we get an appt with MD Anderson soon (still waiting)

-crystal clear scan on Saturday

Earliest Prayer Requests:

~For God’s miraculous healing of my body

~Wisdom, clarity, open doors for where to be treated; if it be God’s will that we would get an appointment at MD Anderson very soon

~If I am assigned to a new oncologist, that he/she would be a Christian; who seeks and knows God and prays with me

~Hope, Peace, & Joy in the midst for our family as we continue to process this news

~To glorify God through this trial

~praying for people to come to know Jesus through this; beauty from ashes



  1. Prayers cover and surround you and your beloveds, precious Brooke. His light for each step. Prayers for His abiding joy this Christmas Day.