Pathology results

Dear Friends, thank you so much for covering me in prayer these past few weeks. I have felt your prayers and I have felt sustained and provided for at every turn in this journey.

I wanted to share an update with you : we received some unfortunate pathology results last Thursday 10/8. Although my lymph nodes were totally clear (praise!), there is unfortunately still a non-invasive type of cancer called DCIS present in my right breast.

Another surgery will be necessary. What type/when is TBD.  This will push the timeline back for radiation .  After some tears and much praying, I’m grateful for a peace that passes understanding!

Dr Tucker, the other surgeons and oncologists at Lexington all agree that the recommendation is a “re-excision”. That would be a similar surgery to my last one, without the lymph node involvement.    She is open to performing a mastectomy if I desire, but reminded me of the long process / risks / possible complications. There is no survival benefit or recurrence benefit to a mastectomy in my case.  She said with current research and my type of cancer there is absolutely NO benefit to doing such a radical surgery. Radiation is a critical part of my treatment and an amputated/ reconstructed breast is much more difficult to radiate because 9of the delicate skin. This is a big piece of the equation. Recurrence rate no matter what type of surgery she does is 8%.

When I first heard this, it was difficult, nearly impossible to believe. Afterall, wouldn’t a mastectomy be more proactive & successful than a lumpectomy? That was certainly my logic, but whereas an automatic mastectomy used to be the go-to course of treatment, there has been much research to support that in SOME cases (like mine), a lumpectomy plus radiation is actually the better choice.

We will meet with her again on Oct 28 to finalize plans and schedule. The surgery would be sometime in November. (I have a trip planned first weekend so definitely after that). Radiation still ahead, timing of that will depend on what type of surgery I have. Between now and Oct 28 I will be praying and some fasting to see what GOD’s plan is. I want His voice to be loudest.

I’m also researching the importance of food on our healing from the inside out.  I’ve watched countless documentaries and read many blogs and will be making some significant lifestyle changes to keep the cancer away. More on this later.


Thank you for journeying with me.   The journey will just be longer than expected, but I’m so thankful For how God has revealed Himself along the journey and I know He will continue to. He is good and His mercy will endure. Prayers for wisdom greatly appreciated! I love each of you dearly and I’m so thankful for how you hold my arms up in this battle and help me FIGHT with JOY! the Joy of the Lord is my strength!

James 1:5  “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”

His Grace (still) Abounds!




  1. Always praying for you my sweet girl!! Love you

  2. Emily Shuman says

    My daughter sent me your post. I was diagnosed 18 years ago at Lex. Med. With DCIS. Back then lumpectomies were not as common, but my cousin who was the head pathologist there at the time recommended me doing it. My oncologist Dr. lambert-Falls was cute just give it to them I pieces! So that is what I did. I have no regrets. I had radiation which was a piece of cake. Took longer to drive from Irmo and get dressed and undressed that the radiation itself took. Then I had tamoxifen for 4 years. Every time a new set of calculations come out my cousin reruns my numbers and so far we chose the right way to go. Everyone is different and they have to make their own decisions. I wish you well. The people at Lexington were fabulous! I know you will make the best decision for your family.

  3. Dovie Turner says

    Always praying for you. We love you dearly.

  4. Praying for all of you!

  5. Dawn Purvis says

    Dear sweet Brooke, Praying for God to speak loud and clear thru this time of decision making about next step. You are so loved and admired by soo many including me…dawn