Hilton Head bound!

Our God is so amazing and provides for not only our needs, but our desires!  Justin and I really wanted to take the children to Hilton Head this weekend before my treatments begin.  Hilton Head is “our beach” and where our family vacations.  We searched and searched on the internet on Wednesday night to book a hotel, and everything was sold out.  We started considering other beaches but I really wanted to go to Hilton Head specifically because our family has made so many wonderful memories there.  We went to bed Wednesday night, deciding to hold off on booking anything just in case at my appointment on Thursday they told me that I needed to come in to get my port on Friday.

Thursday morning as I woke up, I received a text from a friend, who had connected with another precious lady who is connected with NEPC Focus bible study.  She and her husband GRACIOUSLY offered us a place to stay in Hilton Head for the weekend at no cost…..we would have been so happy to pay any amount but it was her gift to us.  What a BLESSING!!

So now, we’re packing up, and team Turner is HILTON HEAD BOUND in a few hours!!!  We will be completely disconnecting, phones off – so we can press in and be fully present with the family.

“You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing.” Psalm 145:16

Treatment Update:
Next Monday I have an appointment with the surgeon (Dr. Lynn Tucker) to discuss surgery to insert the port.  I will have an echocardiogram to get a baseline on my heart function.  Next week after the port surgery and echo cardiogram, I will start my first round of chemo.  All of these will take place this coming week- I’m not sure yet of the exact day of each of these but I will keep this blog updated (or have a friend post when I’m unable to).    I truly appreciate your prayers!



Hilton Head, last year -Summer 2014. One of my most precious memories.


  1. Marsha Ward says

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!!! Love you all 🙂

  2. Tearesa says

    My daughter works at LMC in the surgery department and has worked with Dr. Tucker many times. When nurses recommend Doctors you know that they are the best in every aspect of life not only in surgery. I have personally met her and I know that you are in the best hands when it comes to a surgeon. Continuing to pray for you.
    Many blessing,

  3. Sheila Sicilio says

    Praying for you and your family!! Glad you have time to have a beautiful weekend away, before your appointments start. Refresh, relax and re-energize!! Love you sister!!

  4. Dovie Turner says

    Enjoy this time! Love you all.

  5. Susie Necker says

    I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will advise you and watch your progress. Psalm 32: 8

    May the warmth of the sun and the sound of the rolling waves remind you that you are surrounded by God’s grace.

  6. Lynn Wright says

    Have the BEST time ever! Your extended family will be waiting to help when you return! Love and prayers!

  7. Rubina Batt says

    Have a fabulous time!

  8. Kim Livoti says

    Dear Brooke,
    I am so sorry to hear of this illness but I know you can beat this and have such strength and courage. May the Lord comfort and heal you. Praying for healing results and a quick recovery.:)

    With love,
    Kim Livoti

  9. Bonnie Stone says

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family!

  10. Regina Fairfax says

    Dear Brooke,
    Hoping your weekend is fantastic and full of family memories and fun. WE are lifting you and your family up in our prayers daily and adding you to our church prayer list. I am related to your aunt Marsha through marriage and honored to be her family also. Once again enjoy your weekend and we shall be praying continuously for you and your family through this storm in your lives!

    Love and Prayers
    Regina Fairfax

  11. Kelly Weeks says

    Dear Brooke- I don’t know if you remember me from SVBC, but I wanted to reach out to you as someone who traveled this path back in 2012. I know what you are going through, and would be honored to do anything I can to help you through it. Just talking with someone who’s been there helped me a lot. Dr. Tucker was my surgeon, and I absolutely loved her!
    Much love,

    Kelly Weeks. 422-7400

  12. julie beasley says

    Brooke…may I suggest you meet with Terri Hall Hines in conjunction with your treatments…I have a friend who was in her last days with cancer…she met with Terri and along with chemo Terri helped her with supplements and nutrition that helped her through the treatments. Today, she is cancer free. Her name is Renee Berry if you want to speak to her. She is,a dear friend of Vicki Sweeten. I just know that God used Terri in a mighty way to save my life and I know she can help you too. Something for you to pray about and I will help you if you want to meet her. I am praying non stop for you and will not relent. Love to you…Julie

  13. Sherrie Payne says

    Brooke, I was stunned to hear your news. I will be praying for you and your sweet family daily. My mother had breast cancer several years and Dr. Tucker was her surgeon. She is a wonderfu; doctor and a very caring person. You are in good hands with her.
    Love to you,