Brooke’s Cancer Journey Post from August 3, 2018

My journey to discover the meaning of true, biblical hope began with a breast cancer diagnosis. Throughout these years, I’ve had to answer the question that we will all answer at some point: how can I have hope when my situation feels hopeless?

I’ve spent the last three years studying the scripture, asking questions of those older and wiser, reading everything I can get my hands on about hope (especially contrasting with the world’s version of hope). Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Biblical Hope is:
1) unshakeable through Christ
2)grown in our hearts by knowing God in scripture
3)strengthened in prayer
4) empowered in a community of faith and
5) overflows onto others to point to the One who never fails us

I’m currently up way too late because I had my first chemo infusion today in 14 months. The steroids in the meds are stealing my sleep tonight. But that’s ok, because I’m spending time writing about hope.

I feel this is the message of my life- sharing the HOPE available in Christ, that it unshakeable with circumstance. Not that I’ve arrived, or hope perfectly, but I’ve been changed by true hope. A deep hope that does not disappoint. Does it always mean being happy? No- many tears shed, some today- because I had prayed I would never have to return to infusion chemo, but here we are.

And even still, I have hope.

Lord willing, I’m speaking twice about hope this fall to women’s groups- one in Columbia and one in Charleston. I’ll share details soon if you want to dig deeper into what true hope is, and how you can have it. If you’d be interested in coming let me know and I’ll be sure to get you information. I also know I need to share medical updates.