Liz’s Facebook Post from 9/23/19

Today I am taking a day “to remember the deeds of the Lord, [His] miracles from long ago. I will consider all [His] works and meditate on all of [His] mighty deeds” (Psalm 77). 

A few days ago, in a book I have come to love so much (Streams in the Desert L.B. Cowman, Sept 16), God spoke to me the words he spoke to Elijah, that I needed to “hide thyself by the brook Cherith” (1 Kings 17:3). 

From the devotion: “None of us, therefore, can dispense with some Cherith where the sounds of human voices are exchanged for the waters of quietness which are fed from the throne; and where we may taste the sweets and imbibe the power of a life hidden with Christ. {From Elijah, by MEYER}.

All of that being said, I requested a vacation day, grabbed my bible and a stack of journals from the past year, and have spent the morning in the absence of human voices and the waters of quietness and the waters of the fish tank. I’ve been reflecting on all the times God has shown up in BIG WAYS in the last year, since that move to Columbia. I have pages upon pages written in my scribbled cursive which would surely disappoint my daughter’s 4th grade teacher. 

And as I conclude my Cherith day – I feel empowered by God to share of his good works. I realize so many people know the high-level story of our family and our move to Columbia, and so many have been praying for us. And if I’ve had the chance to talk with you at any length, I have probably mentioned what a story of God’s faithfulness it has been. However most of you I don’t have a chance to have deep conversation with, and I wanted to share how the Lord has shown up and answered prayer over this past year. 

Today I’m making a commitment, to share some pieces, some excerpts of the last year to point only to God’s goodness. Many of these are word documents typed up many months ago and kept saved in a folder titled “PERSONAL.” I know the Lord will help me fight those silly fears that Satan uses to stop me from sharing of God’s faithfulness: the fear that I’m not good at expressing myself, the fear that I’ll be doing it for the wrong reasons, the over-analysis of every word and sentence and how it may be misconstrued, the fear of opening myself up to others. Coming soon… the first chapter I call Truck Stop Farewells. 

One last thing – I want to say that am so very grateful for the body of Christ and how my family has been covered this past year.